So, What is Mindfulness?

Essentially, mindfulness is being aware of everything around you, through your senses, in the present moment and without judgement.

There are different definitions to what mindfulness is and how exactly you go about practicing it but the one above is my own and it is how I understand it best and in its simplest form. Being mindful is something anyone can do in their everyday life as all it really requires is one’s own mind and space.

Mindfulness is becoming more popular and for good reasons. It is used to reduce stress and therefore reduce things associated with stress such as anxiety and depression among many other things. Some different ways to practice mindfulness are through meditation (my favorite), yoga, food mindfulness, and repeating a mantra.


P. S. This is just a super brief introduction to mindfulness just to get the basics across to those who may not be aware of what it is. There will be more in depth posts in the future! 🙂 


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