5 Uses for Adult Coloring Book Pages

Adult coloring books are everywhere now! We all know the benefits of coloring as a simple form of art therapy but once all of those pages are colored in, what do you do with the book or the pages inside of it? Here are 5 useful suggestions for what to do with your coloring book pages.

  1. MAKE AN ENVELOPE: This is super easy but if you’re having trouble there are plenty of free envelope templates online!
  2. MAKE A BOOKMARK: For this, all you have to do is cut out two rectangles of your preferred size and then glue the backs together. You can also use a hole puncher and add a charm or make a tassel from yarn like I did! SAMSUNG CSC
  3. USE IT AS WRAPPING PAPER: Works best on small boxed gifts since the paper isn’t that big and is a little bit stiff! SAMSUNG CSC
  4. CUT OUT DIFFERENT PIECES TO MAKE DIE-CUTS AND USE THEM IN YOUR SCRAPBOOK OR CREATIVE JOURNAL: I was able to cut out a big flower shape and several other smaller shapes from one coloring book page. I used some of the smaller die-cuts in my creative journal. In honor of Zeds Dead’s new song that was just released, “Blame”, I decided to write out some of the lyrics and decorate the page with the die-cuts and some washi tape.
  5. FRAME IT: Coloring pages make super cute decor pieces! SAMSUNG CSC

Hope you all found these ideas to be useful or I at least hope they sparked some inspiration!

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