How I Clean My Oil Paint Palette

The palette I use for my oil paints is a medium-sized plexi glass palette I got from Blick’s. I took my very first oil painting class this past semester and hadn’t had a chance to clean until now. What I used was a razor scraper but an x-acto knife also works, gamsol, a rough sponge, paper towels and windex.

You first want to scrape off all of the dried paint as well as you can. Using a sponge I put some Gamsol on it and then just scrubbed away until most of the paint leftovers were gone. To get rid of the greasiness from the oil, I simply wiped down my palette with Windex. I know it’s super simple and pretty easy to do but when I first started oil painting I had no idea how to clean it so I though I’d share this quick guide.


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