Organizing My Life: Foxy Fix Traveler’s Notebook

I swear I’ve tried about a dozen planner systems in the past couple years and still managed to have my life be an unorganized mess. I’m starting grad school next month and as this may very well be the last step in having the ‘big girl’ job that I’ve wanted, I need to get my ish together. I think I have finally found a system that works. Everyone, meet my new Foxy Fix traveler’s notebook.

The one I chose is the No. 2 Boss Babe in Moonlit, compact size with secretarial pockets and card slots on both the front and back covers. I, of course, had to have my monogram on the spine and a moon on the front cover both in rose gold foil. I chose a mint elastic and turquoise stitching. Let me tell you, I am absolutely in love with the size and the overall appearance of it.

I have 5 notebooks inside. The first one is a daily timed notebook to plan out my days from AnniePlans Printables. The remaining four are from YellowPaperHouse. The second one is a monthly notebook with a month on two pages. I will write down appointments, trips, and anything else that I have planned months in advance. The third notebook is a regular lined one which I use for my managing my money/budgeting. I like to have it right next to the monthly calendar so I can see my bills and things I have to pay easily. The fourth notebook is another regular lined one which I use to jot down ideas, notes, really anything that pops into my head on the go. The final notebook is a mixed media art notebook, again to sketch out design ideas I have on the go.

I love being able to carry this around with me everywhere. It’s been working really well in terms of showing me where I need to be and at what time. I love having my budgeting right in the same notebook without having all of my notes be jumbled up. So, to all my planner girls out there, here’s to finding planner peace (well, for now anyways 😉 )


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