Why I Prefer Palo Santo Over White Sage

Call me crazy but when white sage is being burned the scent it gives off is reminiscent of my ex-boyrfriends dorm room back in college. Weed. I am so not one to diss the marijuana plant because I do believe it has some powerful benefits though let me be honest and say I really am not a fan of the way it smells. Just call me the edible queen (kidding, but not really).

The first time I burned white sage I was totally caught off guard. For some reason I had it in my head that it would smell, well like a flower of some sort, I dunno. I literally stopped in my tracks and blew it out so fast because surely there must have been something wrong with my beautiful bundle of sage. A few clicks and Google results later I came to the conclusion that no I was not imagining the scent and that I was definitely not the only one who thought it smelled like weed. ‘BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CLEANSE MY AURA AND SMUDGE MY CRYSTALS IF I CAN’T STAND THE SMELL??’ was my next reaction. And then I burned palo santo and fell in love.

In my opinion, palo santo has a sweetish earthy smell when it is burned. I thank the universe for this experience because I was originally stuck on the “white sage is the mother of all herbs for smudging and so you must burn it” wagon. In reality, there are many other plants you can burn that will help clear negative energy. White sage has it’s benefits but I’ll have to bundle it with other plants if I ever plan to burn it again. Palo santo is known for healing stress and anxiety among other things. Since currently my life is a big ball of stress and anxiety, I feel that the universe was letting me know that palo santo is what I really should be burning. And let me tell you, I’m very appreciative of that note.


Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

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