My First Psychedelic Trip

I’ve been putting off writing this one for a while. Maybe because it’s hard to put into words or because it is a subject that is still seen as being taboo. I however am absolutely fascinated by drugs and what they can do. How they can altar current reality, shift perspectives, and hit a deep spot within all of us. It’s the reason why I’m debating on getting a certificate degree in substance abuse counseling and why being an advocate for these therapeutic drugs has been on my mind. Lately I’ve been listening to the Psychedelic Salon podcast and there’s a series where the host is touring the country and having these sort of story time circles where people share their experience and stories with psychedelic drugs. If I want to be an advocate for safe drug use and the positive effects that can come from it I need to be able to find my voice. No better way of starting that off than by sharing my story of the first time I ate magic mushrooms.

Those who have had trips can attest that it’s not a very easy thing to describe. So I’ll try my best. The setting: college dorm room with my now ex-boyfriend. I went into this whole experience not really knowing what to expect or having any expectations of what it would be like. I won’t bore you with all the details of what we did and where we went but basically it was night time and we just walked around our campus which is not that big anyways.

I knew I was tripping when our five minute walk to one building seemed like it could go on for hours. All of the buildings and trees looked so small in comparison to how big I felt. I was literally feeling like Alice in Wonderland after she ate the cake and was so big her arms and feet stuck out the windows and door of the house. Then, the trees, the grass, the shrubbery, everything was so green and lush and just perfect. There’s a patch of lawn between two buildings that we walked by and the lawn lights were so bright, I saw little hills, and my favorite visual ever was seeing this bunch of bunnies hopping around the brightly lit lawn with the cute tiny hills. It was amazing. We sat in the quad for a little bit where after a while I felt like I was sitting on the floor, which was fine. I saw a person walking oddly from building to building, it reminded me of an old school video game of some sort. Going back inside the dorm, the guy I was with had like a dizzy spell or was not feeling too good. I panicked so hard for one quick second and then it went away and he started feeling better and it was all good after that little road bump. Nothing too cool in terms of visuals happened after that but I did have this sense of buzzing all throughout my body, It was a good buzz though. In the end, this trip made me realize how beautiful life could be and how it was possible to see things from different perspectives. It showed me the capacity in which I could love and feel, which I think is why my emotions tend to be intense sometimes. This is easily one of the most significant, magical, mind-opening experiences I’ve had in this lifetime and I hope society will soon catch up with the psychedelic therapy world and learn that these drugs are not all bad.


Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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