Flopping Into the New Year

If you’re into astrology and haven’t heard of the Astro Twins, I highly recommend checking them out. They have a yearly horoscope planner guide and I read mine for 2018 right before the year started. I am a Cancer Sun and this is supposed to be a good year for me, it’s supposed to be my year. And so right off the bat, I had/still have high expectations for this year regardless of the events that have taken place these past four days.

So I got a little tipsy on New Years Eve, it happens. The flop for me was sleeping over my best friend’s boyfriend’s friends house, far away from my car and even further away from my home, and being 45 minutes late to work. Thank god for friends clothes that fit me and for my emergency travel toothbrush and toothpaste kit because if we’re being honest, I was kind of a hot mess. It’s all good though,  my manager was cool about it and I got to bartend for about half hour too. It actually turned out to be a pretty great work shift.

Flop number two happened the next day. For school, I need to do a Social Justice Practicum which requires attending three workshops each semester. My first workshop was supposed to be that day and I headed their right after my internship. Of course the trains were being slow and I ended up getting there 12 minutes late. The rule is, they won’t let you in after ten minutes. So after trudging through the freezing cold winter day all the way to school, I ended up not even being able to go in! Now I wouldn’t have minded that much if it were not for the other rule about having to attend 5 of 6 workshops. You guessed right, I had already missed one the previous semester so I was feeling kind of screwed. I emailed the head of the program but after not receiving any email back I took the problem into my own hands and realized that I could just drop that class and switch to another section and that’s what I did so now I am still able to attend all of them. Oh and I finally got another school id which I had lost forever ago and just hadn’t gone to get a new one. So that worked out pretty good too.

I had an amazing hot yoga class on Thursday that I felt helped release all of the toxins I had gained from New Years Eve. So yea, I basically flopped into the New Year but I already see a change in myself and my perspective of the New Year. I totally did not freak out as I would have before. I was actually pretty damn calm and I’m proud of myself for that. 2018, no matter how many mishaps and challenges are thrown my way, will be my year. I can feel it, and that’s all I need to give me the push to accomplish my goals.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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