Am I an Artist? + Rejection

I’m getting my Master’s in Counseling: Art Therapy. In high school, I was an art major. You’d think I would have an easier time calling myself an artist but for some reason it still feels weird in my mouth. Maybe it’s because I feel like my work is not magnificent or maybe because I feel like I don’t spend enough time creating. Whatever the reason, I’m determined to finally change that.

The start of the New Year brought with it resolutions and goals and one of those for me was finding my flow. Included in this flow finding were my ‘hobbies’ of painting, yoga, and hooping. I don’t want them to just be ‘hobbies’ anymore, I want them to be a part of me and who I am as a person. So far it’s been going well. I’m already seeing an improvement in how often I’m doing these things rather then scrolling through my social media feeds. It’s really nice to step back and see progress even if it’s just a little bit.

I’ve always had issues with sharing and posting things on social media. I would tell myself that people don’t need to see what I’m doing if I’m doing things for myself and not for anybody else. I still feel that way a little bit but I also came to the conclusion that I don’t post because I’m terrified of rejection. And I don’t mean harsh rejection or negativity, more like rejection in the sense that nobody will care. I know, I know, who cares if nobody cares right? Well I mean, I’m sure there’s at least one person in this entire universe that would care, so that’s at least a little comforting. And to answer my own question, I am an artist (now I just have to practice saying that out loud).


Photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash

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