Find Your Flow

It’s the first Sunday of June 2018. June is my favorite month, not just because we are finally starting to have nice warm days here in Chicago, not just because the official first day of summer is in June, but mostly because it is my birthday month. Before you ask, no I am not a Gemini, I am a Cancer. And yes, I do believe in astrology but this isn’t a post about that so let’s move on.

2018 has already been one hell of a year for me. I’ve accomplished so many things but with those highs have come my fair share of lows. It’s mid-year and the perfect opportunity for reflection. That being said, at the beginning of the year I had a lot of goals for myself. Officially coming out of a long term relationship last August I finally felt free to finish what I had started when I was amidst a break-up but still kind of, sort of talking. Whatever you want to call it. Finding my flow.

I believe we’re always in a state of progress and growth. You know how people say change is the only constant in life, well I agree with that 100 percent. Finding myself through flow is a concept that occurred to me after the realization that I had given so much of myself in my previous relationship and hadn’t been paying attention to myself and what my heart and soul actually wanted. And so my new journey began. For me, flow consisted of hooping, yoga, and painting. These are the three things that help me  stay grounded and feel balanced. With traveling, switching jobs, having grad school work, and family things piled on top this whole first half of the year, it has been a little difficult to stay on track with these things. So, for June, and I’m hoping the rest of the year and beyond, I’ve started a daily tracker in a bullet journal to help me keep up with my goals.

Though daily trackers can be helpful, it’s also important to not feel overwhelmed by them and feel like you are forcing yourself to do these things. It’s okay if you have to miss a day or two of something. That’s just life, things come up, it’s all good at the end. I’d also like to say that finding flow could be done through really any life experience. So find what makes your heart, soul, body, and mind happy, try to do it everyday and see how much the little things in life become more beautiful.

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