Guide To Choosing A Hoop Size

When I first discovered the world of hoop dance the first thought that popped into my head was “I NEED a hoop NOW.” So I followed the link in the description bar of the youtube video I was watching and was so mesmerized by the different colored hoops available to purchase. I decided on my favorite one, clicked on the “Add to Cart” button and was told I had to choose a size first. UM, what? I didn’t realize I had so many options. Good thing this website didn’t have me choosing between different tubing materials and sanding/tape options because then I would have been completely lost, but that’s for another post. This website, which no longer exists, sold hoops in beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for tubing so it was much easier than navigating between the terms such as 100psi and polypro.

My very first hoop was a 41″, intermediate tubing, definitely not polypro so I’m going to go ahead and say it was 100psi tubing. A recommendation that is often passed around in the hooping community is to start with a hoop that hits at your belly button, or 1 or 2 inches above, when it’s resting on the floor. The bigger the hoop, the slower its rotation around your body. This helps with getting the feel of the hoop on your body. You can still definitely try on and off body tricks with a bigger/heavier hoop but be warned it will cause bruising, I learned that the hard way.

Once I got the feel of the hoop I went down to a 37″ 100psi standard hoop. The next two hoops after that one were 35″ 100psi standard tubing. The next hoop I got was a 34″ 3/4 OD polypro. I then thoughtlessly bought a 28″ Standard PE hoop, which I’m still wondering if I’ll ever actually use. Finally, my current hoop is a 32″ 3/4 OD polypro. So I know this is still probably confusing to beginners but I just wanted to give a run down of how my hoop journey size unfolded. Basically I started with a 41″ 100psi standard and worked my way down to smaller and lighter hoops. Whenever I got bored or felt that I understood the hoop enough to size down and go lighter I did so. Just listen to what your body is telling you and you’ll eventually figure out what your favorite hoop size is.

Hoop Size Guide:

Beginners: 39″ – 43″ and 160psi Heavy PE or 100psi Standard PE tubing

Intermediate: 35″ – 39″ and 100psi Standard PE, 125psi Advance PE, 3/4 OD Polypro

Advanced: 32″ – 35″ and 3/4 OD or 5/8 OD Polypro

Also just to note, if you’re looking for a recommendation on where to buy a hoop, my favorite shop for hoops is HoopMamas on Etsy.

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