Long-Distance Relationship

I’m constantly stuck between two opposites when it comes to my love life. Am I the independent woman who doesn’t need her boyfriend’s constant attention or am I the overly emotional woman who gets into passive aggressive mode over a missed FaceTime call? I know certain experiences in past relationships affect reactions in current ones but this guy isn’t like the others. I can trust him when he talks about his feelings, but when he says he’ll call and instead I wake up to an “I’m sorry” message it can get pretty frustrating. And then I think back to all the times I say I’ll do something, like I should really go visit my grandma, days later I’m still telling myself to do it so I guess I shouldn’t be such a hypocrite.

BUT wtf why is it so hard to just call me for like 10 minutes, it’s not like it requires that much of your energy. I should probably mention this guy of mine lives an ocean away. Like literally in an entire different time zone. Sigh* Honestly, after being in a suffocating relationship for 4 years I kind of thought the distance would be awesome. Which it is kind of nice, except when it’s not. I often wonder how in the actual f<3k I get myself into these situations with boys. Like how did I leave for Europe for 15 days and come back being in some type of relationship with an Italian guy.

When I say it out loud it sounds romantic sure. If you’re actually living it out, it really doesn’t feel as romantic. It’ll be 5 months in August, when I get to see him again, and I’m still trying to figure out how this whole thing works and how it will work in the future. In the meantime, New York awaits us in a couple weeks and if anyone else has experience with being in a relationship with someone who lives in another country, I’d love to hear your stories and any advice!

Live beautifully ❤

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