4 Places To Visit in New York City

As someone who was born and raised in the biggest city in the midwest, I’m used to walking around tall buildings and skyscrapers, I know that it’ll take me approximately an hour to travel across the city, and I can name off almost all of the different neighborhoods that make up Chicago. It’s no wonder why I had a “New York City? No problem!” type attitude when I first decided to take a trip out there. In my defense, I was only there for 4 days but this city is huge! I definitely did not get to go to all the places that I wanted or even visit all the boroughs that I wanted (next time Bronx, next time). I was able to see some mad cool places and magical views. Some may be the typical tourist places but they’re popular for a reason!

  1. Long Island Pier: Come here at night on a rainy day when you know you’ll most likely be the only person out there. It’s ridiculously beautiful. So what if you end being wet, cold, and shivering until you make it back the subway, trust me it’s worth it. 

  2. Central Park: So I probably barely walked a mile though Central Park but omg it’s beautiful. Take a stroll, or even a run (if you’re into that kinda thing), and at every turn I guarantee you’ll see something interesting to stare at. IMG_1453
  3. The Met: I love art and I also love me some Gossip Girl. Clearly, The Met would make it on to my list. If you aren’t into museums then I give you a pass to not go inside (Even though you really, really should. I mean, this place is huge and it’s magical!) but you at least have to walk by The Met Steps.IMG_1661
  4. Brooklyn Bridge + Brooklyn Bridge Park: When I first stepped foot on the actual bridge, I really wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. It was crowded, people were either walking slow or just being in the way, it was hot, and it was a reeaallllyyyyy long walk. Alright, so maybe I’m a bit dramatic. Anyway, as we got to the top and I was able to see the views and just how intricate the bridge is, my perspective changed. It really is an awesome thing to walk on and see. For even more beautiful views, check out Brooklyn Bridge Park! 


Live beautifully ❤

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