LA: Camp Flog Gnaw

A good friend of mine moved out to LA for medical school back in July. I had been wanting to visit and said I would go in October but that didn’t happen because I ended up visiting boyfriend during that month for his birthday instead. It all worked out because after I got back from Italy I got a message and a friend of his had an extra ticket to Camp Flog Gnaw. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go visit and get away from the Chicago weather for a little bit. Armed with my best friend and luggage I was on my way for a 2 and a half day trip to sunny California. I know it was really short but fun nonetheless. 

I’ll admit that I did not get to see actual LA, except for at night when we took the Metro (that was an experience in and of itself) and the morning of the day we left when we went to get breakfast somewhere in Westwood. I ‘m sure I’ll be back and actually get to explore but for my first time being there it was fine. I was still able to experience the California vibe, riding on a Bird, and of course In-and-Out burgers.

The festival, invented by Tyler the Creator, took place at Dodger Stadium and it was amazing. My favorite sets were Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator (obviously), and Kids See Ghosts. If you ever have the opportunity to attend Camp Flog Gnaw I would highly recommend.

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