Dear 2019,

New Year, New Me? Not this time. Every new year is filled with resolutions, promises, and expectations that never really seem to play out the way I want. This year is no exception. Well, I can’t predict the future but probably. Instead of writing down my big goals for this year I’ll start with smaller goals. For example, not dropping out of grad school (kidding, but not really). My point is that for this year I’m going to work on the smaller steps I need to take in order to reach my dreams. Instead of starting new I’ll start with what I already have.

2018 was really one of the most significant years of my life. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, thankfully surgery happened fast and he no longer has it. My godmother was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, which she’s still fighting through. My mom was diagnosed with macular dystrophy. This past semester of grad school was mad stressful. I moved out of my parents home. I traveled to Europe for the first time. I traveled to New York and Los Angeles for the first time. I had a lot of downs, and a lot of firsts, and I fell in this unbelievable kind of love with someone. 2018 hit me with a lot of blows and knocked me down for sure but it also helped lift me up and make me stronger. 2018 helped me become so super grateful for all the people I have in my life and all that I get to experience. I’ve learned that without any downs there aren’t any ups. As for you 2019, I’m ready for whatever you throw my way.

With love,

Tanya Margarita Cepeda

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Creator of Postcards and a Peony. I live for my fur babies, coffee, and love.

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