Live Your Dream

You know the phrase “it’s easier said than done”? Well I’ve come to realize that for a good chunk of my life, that was my motto. I’m done with just writing, saying, and dreaming my goals and I’m now more motivated than ever to start actually living them. I’m realizing that my dreams can come true. It just takes some action to actually reach them. Being passive has always been the choice for me. I’d tell myself “if it’s meant to be, it will be”. Which, don’t get me wrong, I still believe is true but you have to work for it as much as you want it first.

I have coworkers who make fun of me because I’m constantly requesting days off from work. It used to bother me. I felt as though they assumed I was not working as hard as them or I was privileged and not grateful. Maybe this is what they assume but they don’t know my life. Between school, my internship, all the work that I have to do for both, having a job, trying to have a social life, and having an international boyfriend who’s 7 whole hours of ahead of me. It’s all exhausting. Traveling is something I love to do and it makes me feel alive. If someone wants to remark on my life I’ll let them but it won’t stop me from going after my dreams.

This past year I’ve come to discover what I’m actually passionate about. Blogging, painting, traveling, and yoga. I’m determined to not just think and dream but actually do. It starts with creating change in habits and action. So, I encourage you all to do the same and start living your dreams rather than letting them just be dreams.

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Creator of Postcards and a Peony. I live for my fur babies, coffee, and love.

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