3 Favorite Flight Websites

So you’re planning a trip? That’s amazing! You have the destination, the people you’ll be going with, and probably an itinerary too. The next step: purchasing a plane ticket. This is possibly the second most annoying and time consuming thing about traveling. (In case you’re wondering, I put both packing and unpacking in the number one spot for that list.)

When planning a trip, especially one to a destination that may include a pricey plane ticket, it’s important to shop around before you actually make a commitment. I mean unless you’re rich and don’t have to worry about money but why would anyone want to pay for a $1,200 plane ticket when they can buy it for $800 instead? I think one mistake a lot of people make is using just one flight website that says it compares multiple airlines. Different websites compare different airlines so it’s important to check out various websites so you get the most variety of departure and arrival times, prices, and layovers that you can take into consideration when deciding what you’ll be needing from this flight. When I’m looking for plane tickets, I always have at least three tabs open with these websites.

  1. KAYAK.COM: Hands down my number one website to go to. I love it because there are so many filters you can use such as departure and arrival times, airlines, baggage included, duration of layover, duration of flight leg, and even the cabin if you have a preference. I also really enjoy that they have an “Our Advice” box to help decide if you should buy the ticket now or wait for later. If you make an account you can add flights to your watchlist and that can be very convenient as well.
  2. KIWI.COM: I like this website the most for traveling between countries in Europe. The flights are always relatively cheaper in general but also on this website. It’s cool because it’s also helpful when you are not sure of what you would like your destination to be. For example, you can type in departure from your city and then in the destination section you can type in “Europe” and sort flights by popular destinations or cheapest destinations.
  3. SKIPLAGGED: This website is not only useful for International flights but domestic as well. They’re whole thing is finding loopholes for the best price. For example, a direct flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City may be more expensive than a flight from Chicago to Seattle that has a layover in Salt Lake City. You would buy the cheaper ticket and just skip the second leg of your flight. Skiplagged does all the work and research for you. The only thing I’d keep in my mind with this is to be sure you can fit everything in a carry-on because if you check a bag your luggage will end up at the final destination rather than with you at your true destination.

I know there are so many other flight websites out there that are just as good as the ones I like to use. Which flight ticket websites are your go-to’s?

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