3 Best Things To Do On A Cold Winter Day

This -50 degree polar vortex weather here in Chicago is really no joke. I was outside attempting to take this posts photo and my fingers literally felt like they were going to burn off after having been stuck with about a thousand needles. They were only out of my mitten for about 5 minutes. Now that I’m all cozy and bundled up in my blanket with a cup of coffee in front of me and perfectly working fingers I can write about my current favorite things to do when it’s cold outside. In honor of Chiberia 2019, here’s my list:

  1. Learn A New Language: Or at least begin to learn a new language. I started using the app Duolingo at the beginning of last year. It was actually helpful for the very basics of Italian but then I sort of just fell off using it. I decided to get serious about learning it about a month ago and purchased a year subscription to Rosetta Stone. A1. I highly recommend looking into it.
  2. Paint: Do something creative. Oil paint is personally my favorite but because of all the prep and clean up I feel like I hardly ever have time to work on any paintings, which is also probably why I have a collection of half done paintings. (Just so you know, giving yourself a much needed mani counts for this section too!)
  3. Binge Watch Vanderpump Rules: If there’s any reality show worth binge watching on Hulu, it’s this one. Seriously, it will keep you entertained until you’re able to come out of hibernation.

Though these have been my go to’s, obviously anything that involves being cuddly and warm under blankets is a good choice for cold weather.

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Creator of Postcards and a Peony. I live for my fur babies, coffee, and love.

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