5 Annoying Things About Traveling By Plane

Escape, wanderlust, romance. Ah, the joys of travel. What people rarely talk about is the journey to the destination. And let’s be real, it’s often not very fun. This one has been saved in my drafts for a while now but as I’m currently sitting at Gatwick Airport tired, annoyed, and with sore arms I figured I had a lot to say about this topic at the present moment. So without further ado, here’s my top 5 annoying things about traveling.

  1. Carry-On Luggage: It’s heavy. If you’re walking around with a duffel bag, you’re sure to end up feeling like you were just on an episode of American Ninja Warrior with how sore you will be from carrying it. Ok, so bring one with wheels you recommend. Um, that sounds like a great idea until you’re stuck awkwardly carrying that bag up flights of stairs and attempting to pick it up and stick it in the compartment above your seat that’s already overflowing with other carry-ons. I’ve officially sworn to never bring a carry-on that weighs more than 10 pounds.
  2. Security Lines: Where do I begin with these? There’s so many rules! Take your shoes off, put your electronics in a separate bin, put all your liquids in a plastic bag, take your watch off, you have to chug the brand new bottle of water you just bought because you can’t bring it in, I can literally go on. Add in the fact that I literally packed my carry-on perfectly so that everything would fit and now you’re making me dismantle my hard work, ugh. Having to do it a second time because of a layover takes it to an over the top annoying level. 
  3. I’ts Fu*king Cold: I know I’ve always been one to be cold anyway but I really hate being cold. And I don’t just mean like in one specific spot. Like it’s cold everywhere. In the airport lobby, the airport terminal, while waiting in line to get on the plane, on the plane, in the bathroom, literally everywhere. I need to start carrying a blanket with me.(Also, I realize this is probably just a me thing.)
  4. Charging Ports: This one may just be be a me thing too but I literally could not find a single “obvious” place for plugging in and charging my phone or my laptop. It just blows my mind that in this day and age they have all these little pods of lounge chairs and NOWHERE CONVENIENT TO CONNECT YOUR ELECTRONICS. It’s beyond me.
  5. Uncomfortable Sleeping: Yeah I know, I’m in a small place with a bunch of other people how can I expect to get a good nap in. I don’t expect this but that doesn’t mean it’s still not annoying.

Alright so as much as I dislike a lot of things about the journey to reach a destination, I’ll end with saying that it’s totally worth it. Weather you’re visiting a new country for the first time, flying out to see family members or an S.O., or spending a few days in your favorite part of the country. The journey is part of the experience and I’d rather be annoyed than bored because everything is so perfect.

Side story: Also as I’m writing this there’s an older lady sitting across from me that just pulled out her CD player…yes, CD player…and is listening to music on it. It’s so cute, I could cry but it could also just be that I’m extremely tired and I need a nap. And with that, my annoyance level is so much lower than it was 2 seconds ago. THE END.

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