My Experience Getting An Intuitive Talisman Tattoo

A sudden rush of energy filled the crown of my head. It felt warm, pressure like, but soft at the same time. With sage burning, crystals nearby, and candle flames burning, I was trying hard to stay still and be patient for what was coming, a hand needled tattoo.

A month before I was lying on a massage bed being purified, I read a post on my favorite tattoo shop’s Instagram about a woman, Matoska (who ended up being the owner’s wife). She was offering sessions that included reiki and a hand needled tattoo. I decided to go in for a consultation and learned that she came from a long line of Native American medicine women. We spoke a bit about some things happening in my life and she told me that the first thing she saw when I walked in was a lily. Lilies represent devotion, prosperity, fertility, and humility. I’m about to turn 25, I’m graduating from grad school, and my long distance boyfriend and I have been talking about living together. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my future is going to look like. I was iffy at first about the idea of having a lily tattooed on me but it made sense to me so I scheduled a session for the following month as I was going to be out of the country until then.

Fast forward a month later, I’m back at the tattoo shop. The place is closed and one of my closest friends and I are inside. I’m being shown the design of the tattoo and then we get started with the reiki. Matoska goes to the back of the shop to turn on calming music and pray before she comes back out and begins reiki. She focuses on different parts of my body and I feel energy flow to each point she touches. Using a feather she smudges sage over my entire body and it comes to an end. I prop myself up and feel lighter. This sets me up for the next part, the tattoo.

As she tattoos me, I focus on the intention of the lily and what it represents. The needle pokes are not as painful as I thought they would be. They actually hurt less than a machine tattoo gun. About an hour and a half later, it’s completed and I am beyond happy with the outcome.

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