Mad Messy Mind

Mad Messy Mind started as a space to throw my life out into the world in writing. Since then it’s changed quite a bit. My blog is home to all things travel, advice, my life experiences, some lifestyle things, and art.

My art page is the most recent addition. Everything I create is an expression of myself whether I am aware of it or not. Creating is something that has been important to me for as long as I can remember. As I have grown older and begun to find pieces of myself that I didn’t know existed, it’s become more important to me to have my art actually say something real and show my truths.

So, this is Mad Messy Mind, a space where we can grow, learn, and accept that life is not always perfect. In fact, it can be quite chaotic and messy.


Tanya Margarita

Artist.Travel Addict.Future Therapist.