Mad Messy Mind

The idea for Mad Messy Mind came about when I was thinking of how to mesh my interests into one platform as a creative outlet for me to keep track of and share my life journey. It is a compilation of not only my life experiences and curiosities but how they intertwine with mental health and the mystical world. Life had been quite chaotic and the dialogue that came up right before I decided on the final name of this project went something like this. *Me to myself: “How are you feeling today?” *Me to myself again: “Mad messy. Sincerely, Mind”. Needless to say, everyone’s mind goes a little bonkers sometimes and that’s okay. It’s about accepting it and figuring out how to find the peace within.

Mad Messy Mind is here to help me learn more about myself. That could be anything from helping me become more in touch with my Mexican roots, guiding me in my spiritual journey, or just finding the ‘perfect’ essential oil blend. Though my goal is to learn more about myself, my hope is that everyone who comes across one of my posts is able to learn more about themselves or their interests as well.

Love + Light,

Tanya M Cepeda